jUsT cUrIoUs!
Dec 17th, 2009 by Neha Bagoria


People who are curious will read.People who are curious will talk.People who live are curious, dead already walked away.

Living Out Of Living
Nov 8th, 2009 by Neha Bagoria


Photo Courtesy: Jehangir Art Gallery,Mumbai

One thing on your mind if you die today?

One has to die everyday to be reborn next day.

If you know how many lives you lived, you surely know how lived your life.

The more you render yourself to life, more its worth living.

Things Those Matter Most !
Sep 23rd, 2008 by Neha Bagoria

It has nothin to do with the list we have to accomplish in our life rather the things we crave most in our life for. Well they might differ person to person preferences and so they all have their different most matter list. But why do we need to rank and give preferences. But in all these preferences do we all prefer to mere “live life” or a “life to live”?

What If We Didn’t Get Along…
Dec 14th, 2007 by Neha Bagoria

Its not always that we call ppl around n say thank you !

Why do we wait for strangers to get acquainted first and then say Hello?

Ain’t we all are chemical brothers n sisters…red/white blood cells,beatin heart,smile (yep we all smile same !)…

We pretend…pretend n pretend tht life is not so easy…jus by makin’ n takin’ all the easy way outta our way

Can’t we jus cherish all the happiness we have n ought to render the same to the world around…wht say ?

Longin’ For Fresh Idea…
Oct 6th, 2007 by Neha Bagoria

Sun shines day-after-day,wind blowin’ every sec here,faces smilin’ my way and I’m longin’ for fresh n robust idea on this day…

A universe of my own…whatever that I vibrate comes back to me on roll..So I jus never regret for what I don have…rather rejoice for what stays back…

Life is more a bundle of happenings, I live it happily to grow with it and not jus let go by it…Never confuse life with personal emotions…play to the tune of life and you be sync with it…

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