Earth Habitat
Jun 25th, 2017 by Neha Bagoria


Earth has 4,00,000 plants, over 1.5 million of animals and over 9,50,000 insects species. There are total 16,306 endangered plants and animals species threatened to exist in near future. More than 3 million years ago humans have been hunters with all skillset of hunting and gathering. Farming and colonizing as civilizations is seen as evolution of human behaviour. However, as per research the reason for this transition is unclear, whether increasing population, climate change, or changes in social behaviour drove intensification.

Humans can coexist with other species playing humanitarian role. We the most brainy species among all is to protect the ecosystem around.The incremental extinction rate is regressive for Earth habitat. Till date thousands of species are extinct and won’t return to ecology again. Human population explosion lead to such extinctions with per capita resource consumption is on rise.

However, protected status and conservation laws have salvaged many species way back from oblivion. Endangered species as Siberian tiger, Golden monkey, Island Fox, White rhino etc have been dragged from the brink.

Earth is habitable till the ecology is favorable to existence for the beings of our planet. All living beings stand equal chance to live on planet earth.Human as protector and not as predator can conserve Earth .

Global Warming Catching Up Arctic
May 1st, 2017 by Neha Bagoria

Arctic is much warmer place than it use to be a century ago. Infact the accelerating warming rate is twice as fast as rest of the planet. As per the study, from year 1981 to 2001 the warming rate is eight times than the rate of Arctic warming over the last 100 years. Snow coverage area is just half the amount as before.

We will witness global sea level rise by more than three meters in this century alone, according to a new study by university of Southampton scientist. By 2030 every coal plant in European Union should be closed and each one in the world should shut by 2050 to comply with commitments under Paris Agreement on climate change.

Scotland and Ireland are pro towards fossil energy reduction. Germany and Poland still rely much on fossil fuel contributing 54 per cent of EU’s total emission from coal fired plants. Paris Agreement seeks to keep global warming to below 2C, the point at which scientists believe the effects of climate change would become particularly dangerous with increased storms, deadly heatwaves, droughts, wildfires and floods.

Global warming is catching up. It’s time we cut our carbon emissions or ready to pay for it heavily.

Somethin of worth deserving.
Feb 21st, 2010 by Neha Bagoria


I remember IIM’s Gopalkrishanan quote -Deserve before u desire. So true! Most of us in pursuit of desires forget to fulfill the gap of what we actually deserve. Its futile if we can’t prove the worth of desires by deserving and striving for them.

Long time back I promised myself for whatsoever I will always clear up the clogs of my mind and never lead a confused life. I am glad I kept it.

jUsT cUrIoUs!
Dec 17th, 2009 by Neha Bagoria


People who are curious will read.People who are curious will talk.People who live are curious, dead already walked away.

Living Out Of Living
Nov 8th, 2009 by Neha Bagoria


Photo Courtesy: Jehangir Art Gallery,Mumbai

One thing on your mind if you die today?

One has to die everyday to be reborn next day.

If you know how many lives you lived, you surely know how lived your life.

The more you render yourself to life, more its worth living.

Stary Sky Overnite Camping
Mar 12th, 2009 by Neha Bagoria

I always been into star gazing fascination and with utmost curiosity have been tapping info of stars,galaxies,constellations,comets. In childhood dad would accompany me to city planetarium and was amazed to see all those revolving models of Venus,Mars,Saturn. A short-film on stars/planets was a on special screening there. I’m a Software Engineer but aesthetically explore interests in theater acting, writing articles, treking, astronomy and many more.

I’m member of an amateur astro-club in mumbai www.khagolmandal.com. They have been conducting regular sessions on astronomy, which is attended by enthusiastic club members (+300). On 21st March 2009, at 19.00 hrs (IST) “Stary Sky Overnite Camping” began at Chavan Farm House,Tarangan Marg,Vangani (approx 12 away km from Mumbai). I went there with one of my friend Virender and accompanied there another friend Arun, who has been attending such camps. And we all shared the common passion-Wonders of Astronomy.

The session began with introduction of planets,stars,galaxies etc. Then with the help of laser beam torch they pointed out Pole star,Orion Nebula, Milky Way galaxy,Artificial Satellite. Well it was magnificent and was amazed at the very glance of it. We trekkers were lyin on the ground to catch up with the glimpse of wonderful starry sky. After 2 hrs we had a dinner break, well we friends had some marathi food. Then we had slide show session for planetary information under the sky and about the sky After much of soaked up sessions, we finally had a telescope session I was really thrilled, me and my friends were waiting for it too. It was amazing to see Comet Lulin and Andromeda galaxy Then we again information exchange session, where the club veteran members discussed various astronomical objects,types of telescopes etc. After a short tea break around 2.00 am (IST) we again gathered for telescopic view of Saturn and Orion Nebula. With Earth on its rotation, telescope was tapping up with it too, every second the position of Saturn on telescope will move with the rotation of Earth. This was something terrific to witness. Our last session at 3.00 am (IST) was QnA, where we all had all sorts of queries like “Why do we have rounded shape heavenly bodies?”,”What is the end of universe?”,”How planets form?”,”Can we reach stars?” and many fantasy based questions too like “Do aliens exist?” ! This one was the second most interesting session after telescope one. Now it was 4 am (IST) and we headed for home.

It’s been great camping for stars and planets we just see from earth. To carry forward this interest I be soon visiting the city planetarium www.nehru-centre.org

Win-Win !
Jan 14th, 2009 by Neha Bagoria

Well this is to share with you all, that I won over and made hat-trick win as a customer in Service industry.

The third brand I won over is Kodak, on which I had filled a case for faulty camera.

I sued over them through Core forum a month back and they served notice to Kodak.

Which got acted upon well, and even after 6 months, I bought camera , it got replacement with free accessories too.

Earlier I got my issues resolved for Philips DVD player and ICICI bank through CORE.

Well the chase as a customer to get value-for-money is a success, till determined to win over.

I wanted to share this hat-trick success, so that you people also be equally watchful.

We can sue any faulty product or service at CORE, which is not meeting the satisfaction requirement. CORE act upon defaulter party legally.

NOTE : CORE is Consumer Coordination Council of India.

Terror Attacks
Dec 3rd, 2008 by Neha Bagoria

We all have condemned the on-going terrorist attacks. This act of barbarism is globally criticized for inhuman and terror inflow, keeping us from make a better and peacful world to live-in.

But not only do we need to criticize them, now its time we need to act stern on them too. How long we just gonna involve in wait-n-watch game for another terror attack, and weep only when our very near and dear ones are blown-out of RDX?

I believe that all of us are sensible pro-active citizens of nation, and so do expect that all of us act on this terrorism. It’s time that we uproot and replace the current obsolete filthy system with new powerful system to fight the terrorism.

Initiate the change revolution:

1. Youth needs to come up and take ahead the nation in new and better world replacing the current filthy political parties. All over the nation and in each city, Youth needs to connect and make leaders to become the preferrable genuine voteable candidate. Till we stand on our own we can’t rescue our own people.

2. Make politicians more accountable to the nation. We should always remember that political leaders are legally recruited to serve the nation and we pay them in form of taxes too. Leaders need to sign and legally abide by, what they promise before they are elected, only then then can come the power to serve us. We can file petition for this.

3. Police,ATS like security organisations must work as an independent and autonomous body, free from political interference. Such organizations must have all resources to update its force for best security measures. A major chunk of national income need to be divereted to them. Transparancy is needed in our system to rest assured, that such security organizations are highly-equipped to protect the nation. We can file petition for this.

Above are few change measures that we need to initiate if we really looking forward to better nation ahead.

Please upsurge and team-up for better future for all us. TIME TO ACT NOW.

Things Those Matter Most !
Sep 23rd, 2008 by Neha Bagoria

It has nothin to do with the list we have to accomplish in our life rather the things we crave most in our life for. Well they might differ person to person preferences and so they all have their different most matter list. But why do we need to rank and give preferences. But in all these preferences do we all prefer to mere “live life” or a “life to live”?

Delhi Bloggers Meet XXI
Mar 9th, 2008 by Neha Bagoria

A Toss to 4 yrs of Delhi Bloggers and goin’ on…

Together we are to make this happen again n again

Sakhi amicably welcomin’

Ankur (passionate-blogger) busy in pen-down Priyanka (moderator) happy gazin’

Ankur and Me chit-chattin’

Though it’s been two months (13th Jan ’08) and I’m lil late to post them all . It was the second meet for me and an enthralling event for again. Got to exchange many kinda talks with people of different walks of life. More than an event where we all sat and talk not jus bloggin’ but many perspectives that makes sense to us and same vibe around for. I’m less-active blogger now but it will always be among my first-hand interactive interests.

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