A Quick Recap of Delhibloggers’ Meet…
May 15th, 2006 by Neha Bagoria

Photo Courtesy: DB Flickr Grp

It was on 6th May at Indian Habitat Centre, I attended the much awaited DB meet. It was really nice to meet up all the fellow bloggers frm virtual to real world. It was XI meet of grp, but frst for me. This time Julian Siddle and Bill Thompson all the way from London.

Julian is the producer of the BBC World Service Technology program Digital Planet. It’s a program about how technology affects our lives.

Julian was here in India to record a special edition of the program just about this splendid country. Culture of Blogs in India is an area Julian particularly looked at and is tried to find answers to questions like “Do you have a particular view on the use or effectiveness of your blogs? What do you think about the use of IT in India or its potential? The country is often seen as being in the grip of a technological boom, is this the case from your experience?”

Bill is one of Britain’s leading authorities on blogging and Net activism and advises the EU. He has a regular column at the BBC “Technology and You” website.  Bill shared with us his expertise over the subject; Blogging and also Net activism. DBM BBC live coverage can be tuned in over here.

The turn up was above 30. We exchanged views on bloggin’ scenario in india and over the world. Though I was late by 50 mins by scheduled time 6 pm. After discussion and interview session, we moved to Ethopia(a restaurant)in IHC. There we had personal interactions
with new and old bloggers.

Interestingly Amit Aggarwal, a blogger earns serious money thru his bloggin’. Coincidentally, a 360 blogger Amit Verma also turned up there. Samyukta, who blogs at many hubs includin’ 360, was among the one who organized all so well and got us all together. Priyanka, is the moderator of the DB grp, a nice warm gal again. Nidhi frm webchutney came over for a reality show named  Oktatabyebye linked up with bloggin’. She shared a new concept on travel+bloggin’. Webchutney is running a contest to find one  person to go around the country on a small budget and also blog about it as  one travels. The eventual aim of this is to build a robust online travel  forum/community in India. Amit Ken is the frst among the DB blogger grp,  I got acquainted with, but somehow we missed to say “hello” to each other. And I met many more to share the experiences. >> More pics

So I had a nice real-time meet with bloggers in Delhi. Though I wish to meet up you all at the same time like this way. Hey I’m getting’ senti…

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