Is Our Race to Kill Our Own Human Race !
Oct 29th, 2005 by Neha Bagoria

Today I had a close shave with serial Bomb Blasts all around my city(Delhi). It was around 5.40 in eve when me, mother, dad n sis were on our way to Connaught Place for Diwali shopping. Its just 2 Km away frm Pahar Ganj; where one of the Bomb Blasted. As we had no clue about Bomb Blast we cudn’t understand y our car was diverted by traffic ppl  to some other route.

Connaught Place has always been a busy place with itz hussle-bussle. So we cudn’t gauge the tempo of such a horrific incident which happened few Kms away. When we reached Janpath it was already 6.30 pm and were bout to shop. Then my Cousin called up to let me know tht we should leave for home in no time as Delhi is caught up in Serial Bomb Blasts. We all got so panic and suddenly able to feel the pulse around. It was a choas in the mkt and we too rushed for our car at parkin’. On our way to home it was a chaotic traffic jam with ambulances and police.As I was the one who was driving I had all the possible bad thoughts of getting stranded in mid-way. My bro was calling up every-now-n-then to know wht was takin’ us so long to be at more safer place (may be home!). Yes we did reach home safe n sound around 10pm.

All I was left with more anger n apprehensive retrospection bout the whole episode in my life.

Wht are we humans up to…n y do such terrors invade the peace of innocent ppl…

Is our own race is up to take on the humane for more blood n flesh ?

And if we all cherish Terror for Peace, we are surely heading for a base class which is no better than animals…

Explore Higher Grounds Of Life ~~
Oct 25th, 2005 by Neha Bagoria

Higher grounds of life can’t be attained by catering to base needs of human beings.

No matter how wrong we are, it’s our subtle mind somewhere monitoring and judging all our deeds.

Remember the first wrong thing you did; that still looms in your mind somewhere.

Now can you trace back the feelings attached to it, way back that time? It could be mixed feeling of fear or anger.

The conscious which is unheard at times lead to these mixed feelings. We need to woo our conscious.

Our existence is solely for serving constructive life; that’s the basic nature of being on this planet, Earth.

Most of us live our life just for living; cherish for nonliving things. Are we in this life, just to fulfill our base needs or can we really attain higher being from human.

Being spiritual is to unleash the higher boundaries of life. When a person is true to ones sense, righteous in ones action and maintains the responsibility to the society one is arousing to higher values of life.

The life of Earth is a never ending cycle but, the life of living beings do come to an end and so, just form a part of Earth’s life cycle.

The ever-accelerating pace at which people have chosen to live nowadays can’t fetch the real happiness.

Most of us have illusive perception for life. We need to gain the total vision of life & decide every action keeping that in mind. Just doing one great action, a man does not become great. A great man is one who is great in every single action.

When a person is at wrongdoing all the time, ones soul becomes ill. Then it no more responds for ones actions; ones conscious is frozen. To make a human out of one, spiritual healing is the only appeasement left.

We need to check the frenzy of our life and understand the true meaning of being here.

All material things are immaterial till we relate their relevance to our life, in true sense.


Over Come D Fear !
Oct 24th, 2005 by Neha Bagoria

The greatest mistake you make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one…Image

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